Castlewick Light

Castlewick Light

The life and times of a seaside village

The Saints Players is unique as an amateur dramatic group in that it has its own radio soap opera. Castlewick Light ran from April 1991 to January 2018 and now boasts 340 episodes documenting the lives and times of the people of Castlewick, a small seaside village.

After a run of more than 25 years we have decided to leave Castlewick on a high, whilst it is still a thriving seaside village. We feel that it’s time to leave the residents of this beautiful coastal town to get on with their lives without us recording their every move. As the years go by story lines are harder to find and cast members are getting older!

We hope, however, that the recorded history of Castlewick will carry on for many years to come….

The links below provide access to recent episodes but here is the very first episode from 1991:

Episode 1:


Named after the local village pub, Castlewick Light chronicled the life and times of this coastal community for over 25 years. It was the brainchild of David Harding who has been writing the scripts and editing programmes since the show started.

DAH in studio horizontal

David Harding in his Kingsdown studio

David is a retired music teacher and the founder of St John’s Players (which joined with St Dunstan’s Players to form The Saints Players in 2011). He now lives in Kingsdown, near Dover but keeps in touch by telephone and the Internet. As editor of the Kent Magazine for the Blind he originally thought up the idea of including a regular soap opera on the same lines as the BBC’s The Archers. The main difference being that this was, and still is, strictly voluntary with a cast of amateurs.

David has been the driving force behind Castlewick Light since its inception but has been assisted with storylines by Graham Ferguson and technical support from David Boyd in recording the episodes. They were also ably supported by Val Summers who acted as programme coordinator. Val had the task of getting the required cast together for Saturday morning recording sessions which were very demanding with a cast of more than 40 contributing to the storyline!

Just like The Archers, Castlewick Light’s cast represents a complete cross section of village life from the local MP to teenagers at the local comprehensive. Over the years it has also covered every imaginable topic. In later episodes Castlewick has experienced illegal immigrants landing along its coast, drug smuggling, the harbour flooding and concerns about fracking. In 2017 there was even a royal visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who opened the recently renovated Castlewick Castle.

Castlewick Light has been included in over ten newspapers for the blind and is currently listened to by the 3,500 listeners from the Kent Magazine for the Blind. A daily episode is also played at 10.00 p.m. on Dover Community Radio (


The very last episode (340) was completed on Sunday 6th January 2018 with most of the current cast present. The photograph below was taken at Cheam Parochial Halls after the final recording was completed.



The cast of Castlewick Light – January 2018

To celebrate David Harding’s 25 year involvement the cast presented him with a painting by Ron Fletcher depicting Castlewick and some of the characters who made it possible.



Ron Fletcher’s painting “Castlewick Light”


And now …. the very last episode recorded on the 6th January 2018…..

Episode 340:

The coastline around Castlewick has now been turned into a Marine Conservation Area.   That will not only be to the advantage of the town, but will also make the work of Coastwatch much easier.   Someone has been stealing the collection boxes under the statue in memory of Romany, in Janet and Jack’s garden.   When Jack fitted up a CCTV camera, to his surprise, he caught Penny Fagg red-handed …

Episode 339:

The Holiday Park has been losing customers as a result of the manslaughter of Jim Connolly on the premises; however, the charges have been dropped against Tracey as it was self-defence.   The children have come up with a plan for cycle tracks in certain parts of the town, so the Harbour should be left alone.   Under the statue in memory of Romany, the collecting box has been stolen, and Jack has fitted up CCTV.   We join Billy, who is having a pint of Blades in the Castlewick Light

Episode 338:

Tracey has been cleared of the charge of manslaughter of Jim Connolly, to everyone’s relief.   The wedding of Ashley and Fiona is imminent.   The memorial to Romany is now installed in Janet and Jack’s front garden, with a collecting box for the lifeboats.   But the serious problem is that, following Romany’s skiing accident, Carmen and Jamie have reappeared out of the shadows to make a claim for the compensation money, …

Episode 337:

Ruth and David have offered to buy the Castlewick Light, but their rivals, Innmaster, have put down a further massive offer.   Ashley and Fiona have announced their wedding, which will be next month.   Kathryn’s pantomime, Robin Hood, is in full swing in the Millennium Centre.   Meanwhile, Tracey is dreading her forthcoming appearance in Sternbridge Crown Court …

Episode 336:

Billy has been knocked over by a cyclist and has broken his arm.     Ruth and David have offered to buy the Castlewick Light, but are in direct competition with Innmaster, a large combine who want to make drastic changes.   Alan has caught Blaise talking to her ex-husband in Canada on Skype, and intends to put a stop to it.   Tracey has been charged with the manslaughter of Jim Connolly and will be consulting her barrister.   Meanwhile, without permission, Carmen and the travellers have erected a tall statue in the churchyard as a memorial to Romany …

Episode 335:

Zoë is drumming up massive support for erecting a memorial to Romany, but his mother Carmen and her fellow-travellers are forcing themselves in on the act.   Kathryn has been auditioning for her pantomime,  which will shortly start rehearsals.   Ruth and David have been awarded two million euros as damages for his skiing accident, and there’s speculation about what they are going to spend it on.      Meanwhile, Tracey has been charged with the manslaughter of Jim Connolly …

Episode 334:

Tracey has been arrested, since stabbing Jim Connolly, and the future is distinctly uncertain.   Fiona and Ashley are agonising over whether to get married and ultimately leave the Castlewick Light.   Zoë is trying to enlist support for a memorial to Romany in the churchyard, whilst   Kathryn is planning to audition for her panto, Robin Hood.    Meanwhile, the chippy in the Harbour, The Seahorse, is recovering from a fire …

Episode 333:

Young Zoë Pednapp is trying to raise interest in a memorial to Romany Duncalf.   Chris is furious because his television series has fallen through.   Sean and Tamara are trying to adapt to the impending changes to the Castlewick Light pub in the Harbour, and are worried about whether Fiona and Ashley are looking around for jobs elsewhere.    But the most shattering news is that Tracey has been arrested for the murder of Jim Connolly.   She is being interviewed at Sternbridge Police Station …

Episode 332:

Kathryn’s Pageant, to celebrate the Siege of Castlewick, is now being performed in the Castle.   Alan and Blaise have, at long last, returned from Canada.   With impending changes to the Castlewick Light, which has been taken over by a giant combine called Innmaster, Fiona and Ashley have been looking around for possible new jobs.   But by far the most serious event during the past month has been the stabbing of Jim Connolly …

Episode 331:

The doctors have turned off Romany’s life support, and his funeral will be held shortly in St Stephen’s Church.   Beth, Tracey and Sanjeev are still investigating the sabotage caused at the Holiday Camp by Jim Connolly.   The pageant at the Castle to commemorate the Siege of Castlewick in 1343 is being actively rehearsed.   Innmaster are taking over the Castlewick Light from Blades Brewery, and Ashley and Fiona are wondering whether or not to stay.   Meanwhile, Blaise has renewed contact with her ex-husband and is playing hide and seek with Alan …

Episode 330:

Blaise is in Canada, and Alan is having difficulty persuading her to come back to Castlewick.   The doctors have decided to switch off Romany’s life support, as there is no hope of his recovering.   Johnny has discovered that Excelsior Television are filming his kitchens at The Miramar as part of a series called Restaurants from Hell.   But even more seriously, Blades Brewery have sold the Castlewick Light to a group called Innmaster, who want to completely change it …

Episode 329:

Tracey is still being pursued by Jim Connolly, who seems recklessly determined to get her back.   Shooting the TV cookery series at The Miramar has started amidst considerable acrimony.   Alan has returned from Canada without Blaise.   But the biggest problem is whether or not to switch off Romany’s life support.   Alan Baxter and David Duncalf have the unenviable task of explaining it to Zoë, his girl friend and cousin, who is deeply devoted to him …

Episode 328:

Tracey is terrified because Jim Connolly has said he’s coming back to Castlewick to talk to her.   Penny has gate-crashed the kitchen at the Miramar, where Gaston and Johnny are filming a cookery programme for television.   Alan and Blaise are on holiday in Canada, and Blaise decides to visit her ex-husband in Toronto.   Romany is still unconscious in Sternbridge Hospital, whilst the question remains why the school has taken so long informing the parents …

Episode 327:

The Castle has finally been reopened by William and Kate, and the public are eagerly going in to explore it.   Tracey has gone into deep depression since her break-up with Jim Connolly, and nothing seems to shake her out of it.   Television is back in Castlewick, filming a cookery programme starring Gaston Larasle.   But for many people, the main topic of conversation is Romany’s near-fatal accident whilst skiing in France …

Episode 326:

Tracey was drugged and kidnapped by Jim Connolly, but she escaped and has now returned to the Holiday Park, rather the worse for wear. The Castle has now been renovated and is due to be opened by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But the most serious news is that Romany has returned from a skiing holiday in the Alps, after a severe accident on one of the slopes. David and Ruth are waiting in Sternbridge Hospital outside Intensive Care …

Episode 325:

Renovations of the fourteenth century castle are nearly complete, and it is due to open to the public next month. Romany is off on a school trip to the French Alps to do some ski-ing. Glen has asked a question in Parliament about the state of the Maternity Wing in Sternbridge Hospital, but has been fed the usual bland stock answers. But far more seriously, Tracey has disappeared from the Holiday Park, and hasn’t been seen for over a fortnight …

Episode 324:

Johnny and Gaston are branching out their hotel business, having been invited to appear on a television cookery programme. Alan, Diana and Glen have been investigating problems at the Maternity Wing in Sternbridge Hospital. Jim Connolly has become so unpopular in Castlewick that he has decided to move on, but he wants to take Tracey with him so they can get married …

Episode 323:

Amber O’Hara has started working at the Corner Shop with June. Johnny and Gaston have decided to branch out and run cookery classes at the Hotel Miramar. The rope around Jim Connolly’s neck is beginning to tighten. Having been thrown out of Coastwatch, he went to Brian Barnard, the Director, out of revenge, to accuse them of inefficiency and disorganisation. Brian is not convinced and is coming to Castlewick to hear the other side of the story. Then, Connolly forgot all caution, and physically attacked his arch-rival, Sanjeev Patel, leaving him bruised and in pain …

Episode 322:

Jim Connolly is stirring up more trouble, and Tracey is in a quandary. She still loves him but can see that everyone seems to be against him. Connolly is currently seeking revenge against Coastwatch, who have taken the long overdue action of throwing him out. Zoë has been told who her real parents are, and that Romany is, in fact, her cousin. Far more worrying is the news that Romany’s father, Jamie, has skipped bail and disappeared …

Episode 321:

June has just taken over the Corner Shop, which she is renting from Sanjeev and Meena Patel. There are two bits of good news – first that the historic Castle up the hill will soon be renovated and open to the public, and second that Coastwatch has scored a resounding success by spotting a boat coming in to land in the middle of the night, carrying illegal migrants and a valuable stock of cocaine …

Episode 320:

Luke and June have now officially split up. Luke has moved permanently to Manchester, whilst June is considering renting the Corner Shop from Sanjeev and Meena. Jim Connolly continues to make himself unpopular, and, now it has been discovered that he is director of a fracking firm, alongside another old villain from the past, Rex Fowkes.

Episode 319:

Romany has now been legally adopted by his grandparents, Ruth and David Duncalf. Sanjeev has decided to give up the Corner Shop and rent it out, whilst he applies for a job as personal assistant to Beth at the Holiday Park. This infuriates Jim Connolly, who is insanely jealous of him. Meanwhile, Luke has decided to finish his marriage with June, but she is not taking it lying down …

Episode 318:

Jamie Duncalf has been arrested, and has asked his father David to provide bail. Glen and Ann have discovered that Jim Connolly and Rex Fowkes are involved in fracking further up the coast. Meena has been recommended for extra physiotherapy, and Sanjeev has gone to book a session with Tracey at her clinic in the Holiday Park, only to be confronted by the same Jim Connolly, her jealous boy-friend …

Episode 317:

Beth has been made a director of the Holiday Park, which has infuriated the manager, Jim Connolly. Romany has started work at The Seahorse, with Camilla and Zoë competing for his attention. David and Ruth have just sorted out how to get custody of Romany, when they hear that the police have arrested his father, Jamie …

Episode 316:

David has had a visit from Bedfordshire police, and he needs to consult Ruth and Eleanor. Romany is due to begin work at the fish and chip shop, subject to strict limitations because of his age. Diana has been doing some sterling work to try and save the Maternity Wing of Sternbridge Hospital; a decision is imminent. Meanwhile, Beth has been made a director of the Holiday Park, and may have secured free use of an attic room for Coastwatch; however, there is one tricky proviso to be overcome …

Episode 315:

Fiona and Ashley have gone off on holiday together to Malaga. Romany and Amelia have begun a rather charming teenage love affair but they must keep it secret as neither of their families approve. Jim Connolly has put the cat among the pigeons by proposing to charge Coastwatch for the use of an attic room at the holiday park as a night time lookout post. Chris is furious.

Episode 314:

Tamara and Sean are on the last day of their delayed honeymoon, cruising around the Canary Islands. Alan has just begun as partner in a new medical practice in Mendelsham, taking Blaise with him as receptionist. Penny Fagg is up to her old tricks. She arrived up the hill at the Miramar Hotel bringing with her a 100 packets of cocaine in the boot of her car which she had stolen. The drug dealers are chasing her and they are closing in for the kill.

Episode 313:

Meena Shah is recovering from a serious operation on her spine and Sangeev goes to see Tracy to book up some sessions of rehabilitation. But he is intercepted by a wildly jealous Jim Connolly. In the fight that ensues Sangeev lands a kick which flattens Jim onto the ground. Tracy has taken Jim into her physiotherapy clinic to examine his injuries.

Episode 312:

Meena has been in hospital with a cracked spine after falling from a ladder in the corner shop. Beth can’t stand the new holiday park manager, Jim Connolly, so she’s moved back to Lantern Cottage, her old home. But the main news is that the harbour has been flooded once again. In the high winds two boats broke their moorings and smashed a pier in the marina whilst water poured from the street into the cellar of the Castlewick Light.

Episode 311:

Jim Connolly has been ruffling feathers ever since Tracey appointed him manager of the Holiday Park.   Because of this, Beth has moved back to Lantern Cottage, whilst Louise has been accommodated in a luxury care home.   Meanwhile, down at the Corner Shop, Meena Shah has fallen off a ladder whilst stacking the shelves, and has been rushed to Sternbridge Hospital.

Episode 310:

Luke and June have finally reached a semi-separation with Luke mainly living in Manchester. Romany has moved to a new school and Ann has asked him to look after little Alex. But the real bombshell is at the holiday park. Since Jeremy’s death they’ve been without a manager and Tracy has decided to appoint her unpopular boyfriend, Jim Connolly. Beth is horrified and has gone to talk it over with Ruth and David.

Episode 309:

Castlewick is still recovering from the death of Jeremy Horsted. His memorial service was held in St. Stephen’s church last week. It was standing room only for a massive congregation. The marriage between Luke and June is on the rocks and it looks unlikely to survive. Meanwhile Romany has started at Sternbridge Comprehensive. It hasn’t been a success.

Episode 308:

The marriage between Luke and June is under considerable strain and this has been aggravated by June walking out of her job. Jim Connelly has got his eye on Tracy and is becoming very jealous when he suspects competition from her other physiotherapy clients like Sanjeev Shah. But by far the most devastating news is that Jeremy has been killed during an attack by Al Shabaab in North Kenya.

Episode 307:

Luke has given June an ultimatum that if she loses her job their marriage will end. Sangeev Shah has taken a fancy to Tracy and when he gets a bad neck pain it’s the ideal chance to enrol at her physiotherapy clinic. But he’ll be competing with Jim Connelly who also has his eye on Tracy. Ashley Studdall has moved in with Fiona as an experimental partnership. But the most worrying news is that three British have been kidnapped in North East Kenya and one of these might be Jeremy Horsted.

Episode 306:

Johnny Palmer has sold his garage and will shortly be opening up a hotel on the hill with Gaston. June tried to force Camilla out of the new fish & chip shop and Camilla had to draw the line with her. After a stormy time at St. Stephen’s Primary, Alexander Richards has begun at a new school. Glen and Ann are holding their breath that it’s going to work. Meanwhile Beth has worries of her own and she has decided to share them with the children.

Episode 305:

Thanks to the interference of Jim Connelly, Coastwatch are awaiting an inspection by the Coastguard. Sean and Tamara are now happily married and are spending their honeymoon in Corsica. At The Sea Horse the new fish & chip shop in the harbour, June is pushing to take over from Camilla as manageress. Meanwhile Jeremy’s cousin has just died in a remote town in Kenya. As the main executor, Jeremy has flown to Africa to try and sort out his affairs.

Episode 304:

The Shah’s new fish & chip shop, The Seahorse, has opened near the harbour despite a petition organised by Diana Maddox. Young Romany, the son of Jamie and Carmen Duncalf, has run away from the travellers and arrived in Castlewick. He is staying with his grandparents but his parents are pursuing him.  Meanwhile this month’s big event takes place tomorrow. It’s the wedding of Sean, the manager of the Castlewick Light and his manageress Tamara.

Episode 303

The Shah’s new fish & chip shop, The Seahorse, has opened near the harbour despite a petition organised by Diana Maddox. Young Romany, the son of Jamie and Carmen Duncalf, has run away from the travellers and arrived in Castlewick. He is staying with his grandparents but his parents are pursuing him.  Meanwhile this month’s big event takes place tomorrow. It’s the wedding of Sean, the manager of the Castlewick Light and his manageress Tamara.

Episode 302:

June is back in the corner shop again. She’s very jealous because Camilla has been appointed manager of the new fish & chip shop which is due to open next month. Jim Connelly, the newcomer to Coastwatch, has been stepping on a few toes and Chris and Jack mean to have it out with him. But the biggest surprise is when Eleanor’s great grandson, Romany, suddenly reappears. He vanished with his parents, Jamie and Carmen, 12 years ago.

Episode 301

The dust is just beginning to settle as the town begins clearing up after the Castlewick royal festival.     The main organisers, Catherine, Ann and Alan, have met for a post mortem.

Episode 300:

We are proud to announce episode 300 of your own serial Castlewick Light.

Episode 299:

The public meeting about fracking will shortly be taking place whilst many of the townspeople are in two minds about it. Gaston has been sacked as chef of the Castlewick Light for taking time off at Christmas without warning. Alan and Blaise are meeting Diana to try and persuade her to relax her grip on the harbour where she plans to hold a village market. Jack is under pressure to repair a pier in the marina in time for the royal festival. Meanwhile Michelle and Camilla meet in the corner shop.

Episode 298:

Johnny spent Christmas in France with Gaston which left the Light without a chef at their busiest time. Jack is trying to repair the damaged pier in the marina in time for the festival but there are problems. Glen has arranged a public meeting so the town can be told about the advantages and disadvantages of fracking. Excitement for the festival is mounting but Diana has been creating difficulties and the organisers have come up against a deadlock which has to be resolved.

Episode 297:

Excitement for the festival is mounting and numerous events are being planned. Coastwatch has a new member, Jim Connelly, an arrogant and bossy man who is making himself very unpopular. Gaston has invited Johnny Palmer to spend Christmas with him in France leaving the Castlewick Light without a chef at their busiest time. Glen has had a phone call warning him that fracking might be possible in the area before long.  Meanwhile a boat has crashed into the marina causing a fair amount of damage.

Episode 296:

Excitement for the festival is mounting and numerous events are being planned. Coastwatch has a new member, Jim Connelly, an arrogant and bossy man who is making himself very unpopular. Gaston has invited Johnny Palmer to spend Christmas with him in France leaving the Castlewick Light without a chef at their busiest time. Glen has had a phone call warning him that fracking might be possible in the area before long.  Meanwhile a boat has crashed into the marina causing a fair amount of damage.

Episode 295:

Sophie remains in intensive care in Sternbridge Hospital as the medical staff continue to battle with her Meningitis. A romance between Ashleigh and Fiona is showing early signs of blossoming. Thanks to the Castlewick gossips, Jeremey and Beth have found out about Camilla stealing from the corner shop and they intend to call in to have it out with the Shah’s. Meanwhile Sangeev has been investigating a new property in the harbour.

Epsisode 294:

Camilla has been stealing from the corner shop but although Meena and Sangeev want to keep it from her parents, already the Castlewick gossips are spreading rumours. Luke has been given the choice of early retirement or a transfer to the police force in Greater Manchester and his wife June is unwilling to accept either alternative. Meanwhile Chris and Michelle are in the waiting room outside intensive care at Sternbridge Hospital.

Episode 293:

Chris and Michelle are very worried because their baby Sophie has been diagnosed with Meningitis. Meena and Sangeev are thinking of expanding their business but are agonising whether to keep Camilla on as she has been stealing from the shop. Meanwhile there’s a crisis at the Castlewick Light as their French chef is threatening to walk out.

Episode 292:

The holiday park is still clearing up after the storm which severely damaged some of the mobile homes. Camilla has been caught stealing from the corner shop and Meena and Sangeev are wondering how to deal with it. Janet has volunteered to organise a fair to raise funds for the nursery school. Chris and Michelle are facing a crisis as baby Sophie has been rushed into hospital.

Epsisode 291:

Plans are being laid to celebrate Castlewick being made a Royal Borough 700 years ago. At the corner shop, Meena and Sangeev have discovered that Camilla has been stealing from their shelves. Johnny and Gaston have moved in together and tongues have begun to wag. Meanwhile a violent storm has caused tremendous damage to the mobile homes in the holiday park.

Episode 290:

Eleanor & Billy have discovered that 700 years ago Castlewick was made a Royal Borough and they are planning celebrations. Alan is considering blowing the whistle on Sternbridge Hospital because of the careless way they treated Jack’s broken leg but Diana Maddox is also on the same warpath. Meanwhile the Castlewick Light has some cleaning up to do since the fire in the kitchen.