A summary of The Saints Players’ newsletter “Players Prompt”


September 2018

November Production

Rehearsals are under way for “Tons of Money”, our latest play. As usual, there are very few evenings when Chris has a complete cast, but no doubt we shall muddle through regardless!
We have managed to arrange for mentions in in future editions of Surrey Downs and Time and Leisure magazines (well done Chris), which is important as audience numbers may not be as good as they have been in the past as we have lost 2 good ticket sellers.
Flyers and posters will be available very soon; Pete will take orders for tickets on 01737 360568 or online. Our web site has been out of action recently, but is now up and running. The web address is;
Flyers and posters are being produced by David Boyd on 01372 374262. All will be available at rehearsals in a couple of weeks’ time.

Social Events

Many thanks to Chris and Roger for hosting a super barbecue in August. It was good to see our new members there and some folk even felt energetic enough to have a game of croquet!
Our next social event is a trip to Denbies on 22 September. 11 people have booked for this outing. Please contact Alan and Audrey if you need any information about this – 020 8643 2189.

Chinese Meal

We hope to book the Royal China Restaurant in Banstead for Tuesday 23 October. Please phone Val to reserve your chopsticks (or knife and fork) on 020 8642 0201. The last time we were there we had a large round table which made chatting very pleasurable.

Friends of Whitehall

Friends of Whitehall have asked Audrey if she would arrange a series of readings at Whitehall in Cheam Village for Christmas and the date fixed is 13 December at 7.30. She is anxious to do this as they bring a large group to our play every year. She has some ideas of what to do to make it an interesting evening and is hopeful of dressing for the parts. The audience would be sitting around small tables with drinks and nibbles. If you would like to be involved (there would only be one rehearsal) please contact her on 020 8643 2189 or

Point of Interest

The Performing Arts Library has now been moved from Denbies and will open in Bourne Hall from 11 September. We usually borrow sets of plays for reading for future productions and so the closer venue will be helpful. The only downside is – they don’t serve food and wine!

Books you won’t find in the library

A clifftop tragedy by Eileen Dover
Better Gardening by Anita Lawn
Improve your memory by Ivor Gott

Other Events at the Adrian Mann Theatre:

See link:
SADC “A Man for all Seasons” by Robert Bolt – 14th-17th November 2018, 7.45pm